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 Distributor recruitment

深圳米乐m6 是全球最先激发出钵体毯苗/平盘毯苗多功能米乐m6 的公司之五,间隔5年作为中资公司中米乐m6 消费量较多的公司,201七年作为手扶拖拉机米乐m6 卖场消费量较高的公司。米乐m6 很久倾力于作为水田全流程物理化綜合农机车制造厂公司,邀请志合者同创名族国产品牌。

Jofae is one of the first enterprises to develop pot seedling /flat plate carpet seedling transplanter in China. It has become the enterprise with the largest sales volume of rice transplanters among Chinese enterprises for five consecutive years. In 2018, it became the enterprise with the highest sales volume of hand-held rice transplanters. We have been committed to becoming a paddy field full mechanized comprehensive agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprise, and sincerely invite those who are willing to work together to create a world brand.



business philosophy: make products and services perfect"

市场设计理念:米乐m6 卖的不只仅是服务器,是朋友满意度

sales philosophy:We offer not only machines, but also customer satisfaction!

服务管理经营理念:业主首个 工作效率向上 用心去安全服务

Customer first, efficiency first.

重量的核心理念:效率是一生 食品如家境

Quality concept: quality is life product, such as character

效率也是米乐m6 较高的自尊

      Quality is our highest dignity


1、申请加入城市(Recruitment range)




2、招募条件(recruitment conditions):

♐  1)农机车车部门乃至每一位员工备案登记的农机车车购置费贴补代理商商,有维护稳定的刷卡设备朋友成本的代理商商先;

Distributors of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies registered by the agricultural machinery department, and those with well managed end customer resources are preferred

  2)能明白、身份认同南京米乐m6 的业务员基本原则,并能创建孤立的南京米乐m6 业务员和服务的销售团队;

Understand and agree with the marketing concept of Jofae, and establish an independent sales and service team;

  3)能提高给予经销处、开始无锡米乐m6 业务范围必备的专项计划资金紧张金,且有强大的资金紧张金资金紧张性能;

guarantee the provision of special funds for distribution and business development, and has strong capital turnover capacity;


Have a good cooperative relationship with the local provincial, municipal and county-level agricultural machinery management, promotion and supervision departments;

3、申请程序(permitting process):

 序号 (no.说明  explain
 一 (one申办个人信息申诉 

Submission of application documents

 二 (two对个人申请商天资实现总体审察;

Preliminary review of the applicant's qualification

 三 (three对兼具基本的必要条件的申批商开始实际走访调研 

On site investigation of applicants with basic conditions

 四 (four对申批商拟新增代理商的股东长和总总监通过訪問、交流信息 

Visit and communicate with the chairman and general manager of 

the applicant's proposed new distribution

 五 (five对考量、互访的毕竟做总合评定、挑选,制定获选报名商 

Conduct comprehensive review and screening on the results of 

the investigation and interview, and determine the selected applicant

 六 (six获选申批代理商商签订代理商合同协议 

The selected dealer signs the distribution agreement

4、申请资料(permitting documents)

加盟经销商相关资料.rar   distributor joining documents

5、申请必须提供资料(The application must provide the following information)


In addition to the above application documents, the applicant must provide the following documents:


      Distribution application (affixed with official seal);


      PPT of reporting;

  3) 营运资格证、聚集组织 代码是什么证、税务机关注册登记证(复本敲章);

      Business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate (copy and seal);


      Agricultural machinery maintenance technology certificate (copy and seal);

🌊  5)学生申请近5年的会计审计局统计、基金流动负债表、损益表和外币营运资金评定量表(复印件即可公章);

     Financial audit reports, balance sheets, profit and loss statements and cash flow statements for the past three years (copies sealed);


   Other information



⭕Please submit your application materials to our designated address by mail:

建立手机联系人:成都米乐m6 林果业机械制造受限公司的 营运功能部 陈小琴 收

     Contact: Chen Xiaoqin, Business Service Department of Suzhou Jofae agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd

地 址:广东省昆山市吴江市生活技術建设区江兴东路552号

     Address: No. 551, Jiangxing East Road, Wujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Suzhou, Jiangsu


     Postal code: 215200


     Tel.: 400-688-9258



网 :youpic.cn

     Website: youpic.cn


注:米乐m6 承诺书对退回来的每条份注册材质 均赋予随时回话。

Note: We promise to give a timely reply to each application received.

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